A Love Language

The Love Story: Once upon a time, Marlin worked at the store "Lids" which contains nothing but HATS! Ricky walked in and immediately noticed Marlin and they had an instant connection! Marlin was planning on leaving that job due to the fact that it was such a long commute.. But eventually Ricky was visiting almost everyday & what's a long commute if the guy you like visits you everyday? Ricky was buying hats EVERY-TIME he went JUST BECAUSE he didn't want to make it seem like he was there JUST for her. Not to mention, he did absolutely nothing with any of those hats, He had an insane collection haha! Eventually they started dating & now they're married! Talk about smooth sailing 𓊝 They are so alike in so many ways.. from the love for sneakers to the love for cars! I'd say they're soulmates

Its always so much fun capturing their love story and their beautiful energy towards each other!